One Step Closer

Reading through this was like bringing the dead back to life or rewatering the seeds.  How could I forget about this, and why do you think…
santiheart97 Apr 11, 2010
Hey Monday Photo Contestpic

Hey Monday Photo Contest

I thought the deadline was 8/10/2009. Well, I decided to post anyway.
santiheart97 Aug 10, 2009


I got you number on redial Ring, ring, ring, this Message is for ? leave Your name and number After the beep.    I got your number on redial Ring, ring, ring, this message is…
santiheart97 Jul 31, 2009
santiheart97 Jul 27, 2009

Under The Thunder

Love under the thunder Do you ever ponder going under But The heart beats through it   Under the thunder, It's easy to crumble when the earth rumbles But still the heart beats through…
santiheart97 Jul 27, 2009

Locket Without The Key

Locket without The key, the unsolved  mystery of me How would it feel to be free to sail the sea Locket, the missing key will always be me.          
santiheart97 Jul 25, 2009

Bleeding Words

  Notepad  Quil Pen Bleeding words Through the pages Unlike a temporary tattoo More Like a permanent scar          
santiheart97 Jul 22, 2009

Tick Tock Hearts

Life is like a clock until it stops Ticking every second of the minute So how should you spend it? Hear the sound of a heartbeat In New York City Streets Like…
santiheart97 Jul 18, 2009

Southern Downpour

It looks like it going to be a southern downpour, the sky is gray, at midday say goodbye to day A sudden transition from the day to night. The orange…
santiheart97 Jul 08, 2009

Rains Of Change

Rains of change life want be the samewithout   Walking in and out,without Arriving and leavingwithout Working day and night without Living and dyingwithout Days and nights without We live within but do without          
santiheart97 Jul 06, 2009


What can I do, what can I say I have to look at your face everyday. I wake-up and then you're still there Sorry I just need some air   Sometimes I like…
santiheart97 Jun 29, 2009

Acoustic Grill and Bar

The acoustic guitars in grill and bars Strike up the band and clap your hands Take a grand stand for all your fans Pre-plans for the upcoming bands A…
santiheart97 Jun 26, 2009

Summer Passing

Where are we going without knowing Summer is passing and hearts are crashing Not searching but wandering on the way back home lost in song, believing all along that hearts are wrong. Affection is…
santiheart97 Jun 18, 2009
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About Me:

When I was was in high school, I didn't associate with many people, I used to hang with the special ed children, because they were easier to get along with. I used to hang with this girl that everybody thought was not that popular. I used to stay in the library and read and do my homework on my lunch break. I remember playing percussion in the band then I dropped out, because of my strenuous academic schedule
Well my first job, was working in a restaurant, I was a grill cook. Everybody loved my burgers and grilled chicken sandwiches. Next I went to college for a year to get the industrial process technology certificate to work at WSRC. I took physics, chemistry, algebra, geometry. Later I go the job, then I was laid off, and I just took the courses from that certificate and transfered them to an associate in science degree. So after that, I worked as a data entry assistant, for a couple of months. Then, I quit the call center that I was working because I had to do community service for a ticket I had got for making a left turn at the wrong time of the day. I think I worked at walmart for a day after that, then I didn't come back after orientation. Then, later I went back walmart to work. and they hired me back. It is a long story.